Micro Hole Drilling Experts

Welcome to National Jet Company. We are the micro hole experts. Whether it is mechanical drilling, plunge EDM, wire EDM, swiss turning, or other applications, let us help you solve your micro hole needs. We welcome your challenges.

At National Jet Company, our specialty is precision micro hole manufacturing. We drill holes as small as .0005’’ (approximately 12.5µ). We drill through most metals and plastics. We also have our own micro EDM process for EDMing both round and shaped holes. Additionally, we now offer some deep hole EDM for most conductive metals (up to 50X in some cases)

National Jet Company is a full service precision shop. We can make the entire part or just do the small holes in an existing part. We offer full production runs or prototype parts. We make nozzles, extrusion dies, orifice plates, and spinnerettes; anything where flow is critical. Our parts are critical components in the medical, aerospace, telecommunications and fiber industries.

We have been the world’s leading expert in small hole manufacturing since 1937. Our research and development continues to be called on by both government and industry. We hope that you will give us a call to find out why National Jet Company is the big name in small holes.