Micro Hole Drilling Experts

Melt Blown Dies, Die Tips

repairNational Jet Company manufactures and repairs die tips used to manufacture meltblown fiber. As a company that specializes in small hole manufacturing, we produce these dies with precision and accuracy. We manufacture small R&D type dies as well as larger production dies. We make these dies (or “nose pieces”) with holes as small as .003’’ diameter and can handle most length to diameter ratios required. We manufacture 60° and 90° tips, and can provide nearly any type of cavity. We can provide almost any type of hole count (number of holes per inch) that your process requires.

We also repair and re-furbish meltblown dies, including those that were manufactured elsewhere. When a die is sent to us, we inspect it, take some photos of the holes and any damaged areas and recommend a course of action to improve the performance of your die. We unplug clogged holes and repaired damaged and “burred over” holes. We ream all holes to a consistent diameter. We even repair dies that have been split or “zippered”. We can also help provide regular maintenance programs to keep your dies running consistently and efficiently.

We would certainly welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can help with your meltblown die tip needs.