Micro Hole Drilling Experts

Micro EDM (Sinker)

National Jet Company offers small hole manufacturing via micro EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). We produce both round and shaped holes in our EDM department. We have designed and built most of our own EDM machines for producing small holes in conductive metals. We make most of our own electrodes used in EDM. Like our drilled holes, our EDM department produces sharp, accurate, and precise holes. In addition to producing small holes in tubing, extrusion dies, and orifice plates, our micro EDM is especially beneficial for putting holes into hard to drill materials (parts such as core pins, molds, etc.)

We have recently added some technology to our EDM department that allows us to produce some deeper holes than our standard EDM processes. We can now EDM many holes with length to diameter ratios of 25-1 (and in some cases, even longer). Please contact us to discuss your particular application.