Micro Hole Drilling Experts


National Jet Company manufactures spinnerettes for fiber producers around the world. All of our manufacturing is done in the US. We offer some of the quickest lead times found anywhere and a quality and precision that is second to none. We manufacture spinnerettes in a variety of materials; we make spinnerettes with round or shaped holes. We make die plates for monofilament, hollow filament, bi-component, carpet fiber, spunbond, meltblown, artificial grass, and several other types of fibers. In addition to various type of stainless steel, we also make spinnerettes from more difficult to machine materials, including inconel. We stock a wide variety of spinnerette blanks (including Neumags, Filtecos, Barmags and others) and keep additional material on hand to help expedite delivery.

Shaped Hole Spinnerettes

We make spinnerettes with nearly any type of shaped holes, including those used in the carpet fiber industry. Most of these type of spinnerettes are EDM’d. For these types, National Jet Company utilizes our own electrode extrusion capabilities. This allows us to quickly and accurately produce the electrodes used in the production of shaped hole spinnerettes, including trilobal and delta shaped holes. Our processes provide spinnerettes with sharp and consistent capillaries in all spinnerettes.

Round Hole Spinnerettes

Of course, NJC also provides spinnerettes with round capillaries. Our drilling techniques provide sharp, cylindrical holes with consistent diameters in all spinnerettes that we manufacture. Additionally, National Jet Company offers some spinnerettes with capillaries that have longer length to diameter ratios than other manufacturers. We mechanically drill our round hole spinnerettes and they are typically reamed and broached after drilling.

Breaker Plates, Pack Parts

At National Jet Company, we also make some of the parts that go with the extrusion pack, including breaker plates, pack caps, distribution plates, etc. We have years of experience making these parts and would welcome the opportunity to make them for you.

Spinnerette Repairs

National Jet Company repairs spinnerettes, even those that were made by other manufacturers. We repair both round hole and shaped hole spinnerettes. We can help remove the radius seen at the exit side of used spinnerettes and help clean out the carbon build up seen on the inside of your capillaries. Our techniques help restore your spinnerettes to a more accurate and consistent diameter. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs in detail.