Micro Hole Drilling Experts

Swiss Machining

National Jet Company employs several swiss style lathes to produce precision turned parts for many different industries. Along with a sub spindle, our lathes offer live tooling capability. Our expertise with these machines allows us to make the part and do the micro drilling on one machine, reducing the handling on these parts. We manufacture a wide variety of precision parts in quantity on these machines. We make specialty nozzles for several industries, including nozzles used for the hot melt industry, various nozzles used for inkjet printers, and nozzles for 3D printing. We also make several type of valves, carburetors, orifice plates, and other parts for the medical, telecom, and aerospace industries.

Our attention to detail allows us to produce parts that are extremely precise, consistent and to specification. Parts where flow is critical are our specialty on our swiss style lathes.