Micro Hole Drilling Experts

Micro Hole Drilling

Human Hair Micro-DrilledTo the right is a photograph of a human hair (approximately .003’’ diameter). National Jet Company has drilled a hole through the hair (.0012’’ diameter hole) and inserted a .001’’ diameter wire through the hole. (Check back here soon to watch a video of us drilling a hole in a hair!) National Jet Company produced the drilling machine, the drills, and the know how to do this work. Everything about this job was Made in the USA.

National Jet Company was founded on small hole drilling. Our micro drilling department drills holes as small as .0005’’ diameter. We drill very precise holes (±.0001’’) through most metals and plastics. At National Jet Company, we can control the entire process internally. We manufacture many of our own drilling machines as well as most of our own microdrills. We have several types of cnc drilling machines to produce small holes in a fast, efficient manner. We drill, ream, and broach holes to produce a sharp and concise hole, with a smooth, cylindrical finish. We deburr these holes and inspect them to be sure that they are done within tolerance; inspection capabilities allow us to view holes at up to 1200X.

Small holes are a big challenge for most companies, but small holes are what we do at National Jet Company.