Periodic updates on significant events at National Jet Company.


Periodic updates on significant events at National Jet Company.


Periodic updates on significant events at National Jet Company.

New Technologies for NJC

We have added a lot of new equipment at National Jet Company over the last few years for both manufacturing and inspection.  This year we have added two different “firsts” for us.

We recently purchased our first 3D printer. (Those that know us know that we have manufactured nozzles for 3D printers and other industries for a long time.) We expect to use it primarily for fixtures, holding devices, and set up pieces for jobs.  But as many of you know, once you get a new tool in house, you find so many other uses that you never originally considered.  We are all pretty excited about this new piece and looking forward to all of the new avenues that it opens up for us.

We also purchased our first robot.  This tool has already paid big dividends for us.  We make a lot of high precision parts that require detailed inspections.  This robot has already been on jobs that load a part onto an inspection machine, inspects it and then puts the part in the pass or fail bin.  (As you would suspect, we also have some pretty high tech inspection equipment.)  We already have other work lined up for this robot which we expect will really help us with our efforts to reduce lead times.

We continue to add not just to our capacity but also to our capabilities.  We expect to add even more in the near future!

October 29th, 2019|

QC Leadership

National Jet Company has added a lot of inspection equipment over the last few years.  As a company that specializes in features with microscopic detail, it is important that we can look at this detail and verify that we have done what is called for in the drawing.

As our company continues to expand in several different industries (medical, aerospace, telecom), we have a bigger need for someone to head up our QC department.

To that end, we would like to welcome Chris Green to National Jet Company.  For those that have needed inspection documentation, certification, discussions about PPAP, or ISO certs, you may have already dealt with Chris.  He has a pretty impressive background in inspection/documentation (see his background info here)  and in his short time here, he has already been a huge addition.  He’s a pleasure to work with and other than being a Penguins fan, he is also a really good guy.

So welcome Chris; we are excited to have you on the team.


June 7th, 2019|


As many in the machining world know, doing precision work is an art as much as a science.  For this, there is no substitution for experience and National Jet Company boasts a lot of experience.

This year marks some pretty big milestones in experience for a several of our workers.

Dale Ohler is the machine shop foreman; he has been here for 30 years.  He does most of the programming in the machine shop; if you have ever received an e-mail from us about a dimension that might be off (or for spinnerette users, if the hole count or pattern on the drawing doesn’t match the description), it is likely because of a keen eye from Dale in reviewing or programming your part.  He has overseen the addition of many new machines for us and oversees a top shelf group of people in the machine shop.

Ben Kennell has now been at National Jet Company for 40 years and is almost certainly the most experienced and best micro hole driller in the world.  For those that have seen National Jet drill a hole in a hair, it is almost certainly Ben Kennell who has done the drilling.  He heads the micro drilling department here and oversees every micro drilling job that we take on.  He’s the go to guy here for “impossible” jobs and is a great historian for National Jet’s last 40 years.  In this same department, Leonard Wilson is about to hit 25 years in micro drilling.  No one looks at more holes in spinnerettes, melt blown dies, and spunbond dies than Leonard.  He has a remarkable eye for hole detail.

Brian Connor has now headed our wire EDM department for 30 years.  He is one of the few people in the world that routinely runs .001’’ diameter wire for wire EDM.  He also plays a key role in our sinker EDM department as he creates all electrodes used for shaped hole machining.  If it is a complicated shape or deep hole-he’s the one that figures out how to get the most efficient way to produce your part.

Larry Disimone heads up the lapping department and has already passed 25 years.  He too has seen nearly every spinnerette  and spinnerette repair that goes out the doors here at National Jet Company.

To be sure, National Jet Company has brought on a lot of young talent over the last few years; each of them has been trained by the craftsmen noted above.  Our experience continues to grow and we are well positioned for many years to come!


May 9th, 2019|
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