This year National Jet Co. has had the opportunity to hire two student interns from Frostburg State University. Typically, utilizing interns can be a challenge for companies within our industry – as machining is not something that is taught in most university curriculums.

In December of 2019, National Jet began interviewing and hiring student interns to fulfill roles within the company that had not existed prior. This year, we hired an engineering student, Hunter Frank, to work as NJC’s Quality Engineer. Hunter’s primary responsibilities revolved around managing and maintaining our company’s ISO 9001 quality management system. We also hired a marketing intern, Rebekah Book, to help promote the business locally and digitally through social media channels and the company blog.

Since having both interns with our company for six months now, we have been very pleased with both their knowledge and performance levels that they have executed on National Jet’s behalf. After having such a positive intern experience, with one of our interns taking on a full-time position, we would encourage other businesses to utilize their local college’s talent within their organization!

“Frostburg State University has always been a great community partner to National Jet Co., hand-feeding us the top student candidates for our various internship positions” – Sam B. Griffith.