Amidst this unprecedented time, National Jet Co. will remain open while abiding by all necessary precautions. Our operating hours will remain unchanged; however, we will be accepting on-site visits by appointment only. Fortunately, our manufacturing processes are running smoothly, and we will continue working towards shipping out all orders as soon as possible. Our supply chains have also been largely unaffected, but we will continue to monitor this closely in the coming days and weeks.

In an effort to assist with some of the issues surrounding the COVID-19 virus, National Jet Company is pleased to announce that we have increased our capacity for melt blown die repairs as well as the production of new dies. For those who may not know, these die tips make the melt blown fiber which is used to manufacture the protective face masks that are used in the medical field. To carry out this plan, National Jet has added significant resources to our facility in an effort to reduce lead times for the repair, refurbishing, and re-sizing of holes in all the melt blown dies that we receive. With good planning, we are confident that we can turn around these repairs in a few days. National Jet Company is also fulfilling specialty nozzle orders for vendors who are involved in manufacturing respirators. We are giving priority to these orders and are rushing them through our manufacturing process.

It is our hope that in doing these things, we can help decrease the shortage of protective face masks caused by the COVID-19 virus, and provide nurses, doctors, and those affected with a means to stay safe!