Drilling small holes is our specialty-we’ve been doing it since 1937. One of the keys to drilling small holes is the drill-it needs to hold up when drilling holes as small as .001’’. It is pretty remarkable that we can drill a hole that small thru stainless steel.

We added a new cnc drilling making machine a couple of years ago for making drills. It has allowed us to produce micro drills faster and more consistently than we could before. We have used it to produce drills with different geometries to meet the wide variety of needs of our customers. It has helped us bring our lead times down on many drilling jobs as we can often produce the tooling needed for the job instead of ordering and waiting on outside vendors. We’re still learning how to “make that machine sing” (the learning process never really ends), but our drill making plays an integral part of our micro hole drilling process.

We still make micro tooling for sale, including spade drills (carbide or high speed steel), reamers, punches and broaches. We haven’t entered the market yet for other types of micro tooling, but stay tuned!