Once again, we have added new equipment to our line-up. And once again, it is a new swiss lathe.

National Jet Company has spent more than 80 years with a focus on micro hole drilling. But over the last two decades, we have developed a nice reputation as a go to company for people that need swiss style turning done.  For many of our customers, this has been very beneficial, especially with turned parts that require a small hole (or any part where flow is critical.) It is also important to note that with our swiss turning capabilities, the part does not have to have a small hole.  We currently make a lot of parts with varying features, including several that do not incorporate a small hole.

With these swiss turning machines, we can make the part complete. This allows us to control the entire process; it usually also means  that we need to handle the part less (resulting in faster manufacturing time and a lower price.) As a company that specializes in small holes, we have the capabilities to deburr, measure and inspect the hole and other critical to function features of your part.

We have a full machine shop (horizontal and vertical mills, lathes, grinders, heat treat, sinker EDM, wire EDM, etc) in addition to our swiss style lathes. Let us know how we can help with your project.