This looks to be a record setting year for us in terms of adding new equipment!

We have offered swiss style turning for several years here at National Jet Company. We make a lot of different types of nozzles for several different industries. (Some of these industries include hot melt nozzles, printer nozzles, nozzles for 3D printers, and nozzles for aerospace just to name a few.) We have just added a new and smaller cnc precision lathe which will help us with jobs that don’t have quite the same volume as those that we would run on the swiss lathes. This lathe offers live tooling and will allow us to continue to provide the accuracy and precision that our customers have come to expect from National Jet Company.
This new machine is up and running and is already helping to reduce our lead time on turned parts.

Keep an eye on us as we have more equipment coming in within the next few weeks.