National Jet Company is the embodiment of the family owned business. The company was purchased in 1992 by Sam and Pam Griffith. Sam comes to work at the office every day. He handles most of the scheduling, equipment purchasing, personell , and accounting issues. He works the booth at nearly every trade show that we do and frequently travels with the sales team to meet customers.

Under Sam’s leadership , National Jet Company is not just a family business, it is a family friendly business. We celebrate employees’ personal milestones. We have cake on employees’ anniversaries and big birthdays, we celebrate the births of babies and we mourn with our co-workers on sad days. There is a quarterly pancake breakfast where bonus checks are passed out in good times. There is always a company Christmas party and frequently a company sponsored trip to amusement parks with entire families.
It is a typical family run business. And it’s a great place to work.

While Sam is in no hurry to retire, it is time to start preparing for the next generation to run this business. So National Jet Company is pleased to welcome Sam’s son, Sam Jr to National Jet Company.
Sam is a 2011 graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has spent the last few years working for a firm in the Washington D.C. area and we are pleased to have him on board at National Jet Company. He will begin as a Special Projects Engineer, and over time, he hopes to work with each of the departments in the shop as well is in our front office. It is a lot to learn, but we have little doubt that he will learn the business very quickly.

For our staff and our customers, we believe that there is only upside to this transition. We will gain from Sam Jr’s state of the art skillset, while we continue to benefit from Sam Sr’s experience. Sam Sr. will still be here nearly every day and will work with his son to continue improving our processes and our capabilities. As we prepare the next generation of leaders in micro hole manufacturing, the future looks very bright for National Jet Company.

So welcome aboard Sam, we are very glad to have you.