Mechanical vs. EDM vs. Laser

As new technologies emerge in the micro hole industry, it can be overwhelming to try and determine which drilling service is best for you and your product’s needs. In this blog post, we will describe each of the following services, mechanical, EDM, and laser, as well as compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three [...]

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2020 Interns

This year National Jet Co. has had the opportunity to hire two student interns from Frostburg State University. Typically, utilizing interns can be a challenge for companies within our industry - as machining is not something that is taught in most university curriculums. In December of 2019, National Jet began interviewing and hiring student interns [...]

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Melt Blown Die Update

As previously mentioned, our company has increased its capacity for melt blown die repairs as well as the production of new dies in response to COVID-19. We are currently drilling long days to keep up with our current demand and welcome additional die production and repair. If you would like to have your melt blown [...]

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New Hire – Quality Engineer

We are pleased to announce, as of May 21, 2020, the hiring of Hunter Frank as Quality Engineer. Hunter has been with National Jet Co. for four months as a Quality Engineer Intern. In addition to some of his previous internship duties, Hunter will also be responsible for maintaining the company’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management [...]

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Job Shop Show Podcast

Check out the latest episode of The Job Shop Show featuring our company's new owner and president Sam Griffith. "Sam Griffith believes that whatever the problem, technology is the solution. Their specialty is micro hole drilling, and they continue to push the limits of what is considered possible. How about a hole of a half of [...]

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ACM machinist program graduates and students

With 2 alumni and 2 current students on our team, National Jet is a proud supporter of Allegany College’s Manual and CNC Machinist Training Program. The shortage of skilled machinists is a major challenge all US manufacturers have been facing for years.  In order for U.S. manufacturers to continue competing on a global scale, it [...]

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Exciting project for National Jet

A new instrument, IFU-M ('Integral Field Units for Magellan'), is being built at the University of Michigan to be used on the powerful Magellan telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile (  IFU-M is designed to allow astronomers to take spectra of an entire region of the sky simultaneously. Such spectra record the light from [...]

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COVID-19 Company Update

Amidst this unprecedented time, National Jet Co. will remain open while abiding by all necessary precautions. Our operating hours will remain unchanged; however, we will be accepting on-site visits by appointment only. Fortunately, our manufacturing processes are running smoothly, and we will continue working towards shipping out all orders as soon as possible. Our supply [...]

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New Technologies for NJC

We have added a lot of new equipment at National Jet Company over the last few years for both manufacturing and inspection.  This year we have added two different “firsts” for us. We recently purchased our first 3D printer. (Those that know us know that we have manufactured nozzles for 3D printers and other industries [...]

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QC Leadership

National Jet Company has added a lot of inspection equipment over the last few years.  As a company that specializes in features with microscopic detail, it is important that we can look at this detail and verify that we have done what is called for in the drawing. As our company continues to expand in [...]

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