Welcome to our new website!  We are pretty pleased with it and would like to thank Dave and Meg Romero of Vibrant Image for working with us on this.  We hope that you will find the new site helpful.  As you can see from the site, we still focus on micro hole manufacturing, but we [...]

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It’s a new year and once again we have added new equipment to our ever growing shop. This time it is a new cnc lathe. We make a lot of round parts that then require small holes and we have added a newer, faster, and more accurate lathe. It is now up and running and [...]

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Drilling .001” Diameter Holes

We offer a number of different machining services here at National Jet Company, including mechanically drilling some very small holes. We routinely drill holes as small as .001’’ diameter (about 25 microns). We can drill in many different materials, including stainless steel. When drilling holes like this, we can typically drill thru a depth that [...]

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Micro Drills

Drilling small holes is our specialty-we’ve been doing it since 1937. One of the keys to drilling small holes is the drill-it needs to hold up when drilling holes as small as .001’’. It is pretty remarkable that we can drill a hole that small thru stainless steel. We added a new cnc drilling making [...]

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Diverse Businesses

The founder of National Jet Company, John Cupler, originally worked for the local Celanese plant and came up with a better way to drill holes in their spinnerettes. Many people and companies still know National Jet Company as a U.S company that specializes in making spinnerettes for the man made fiber industry. And it is [...]

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More Equipment; More People

The past 6 months has seen National Jet Company add more new equipment in that time frame than ever before. We have just added a new tool grinding machine which should really help with our transition drills and specialty drills; it will hopefully help cut down on lead time for tooling and help us continue [...]

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Welcome Sam Jr!

National Jet Company is the embodiment of the family owned business. The company was purchased in 1992 by Sam and Pam Griffith. Sam comes to work at the office every day. He handles most of the scheduling, equipment purchasing, personell , and accounting issues. He works the booth at nearly every trade show that we [...]

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Still More Equipment and Capabilites

2014 remains very busy year for National Jet Company and we have continued to add equipment and capabilities at our fastest pace ever. We have just purchased and have begun to run another swiss lathe. We have continued to receive orders from new customers that require precise turned parts. Many of these parts require a [...]

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More Equipment

This looks to be a record setting year for us in terms of adding new equipment! We have offered swiss style turning for several years here at National Jet Company. We make a lot of different types of nozzles for several different industries. (Some of these industries include hot melt nozzles, printer nozzles, nozzles for [...]

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New Equipment for Small Hole Repairs

One of the many ways that we stay on top is investing in new technology and new equipment. We add machinery nearly every year and this year is no exception. We just added a new technology which will help us with spinnerette repairs. This technology should help us reduce lead time required for refurbishing spinnerettes; [...]

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